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Beginning Your Coin Collection

Auctions are a great place to begin a collection. In next tomorrow's auction we will be featuring coins and currency. Coin collecting is not just a hobby, like most collections, it’s also considered an investment. Here are a few steps to help you start your very own.

1. Learn as much as you can

This goes without saying, but the more knowledge you have, the better collector you will be. For coins, I would recommend hitting the library and studying up on the Official Red Book as well as PCGS guides. Go to shows and conventions to speak to other collectors and benefit from their knowledge as well. I would also recommend getting a good magnifier.

2. Know the lingo

There are very specific terms for coins and how they are graded. Spend some time learning the difference! Check out this handy chart for reference.

3. Know how you are going to store your coins

Remember this is an investment. There are many different types of storage options for coins and currency including coin sleeves. You will want to protect your investment for years to come.

4. Buy your coins

Once you are armed with your new knowledge start building your collection. Our June 7th auction has a great selection of coins to get you started. Take a look at the complete inventory on our website and happy bidding.

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