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Must I have an account to bid?

Yes. To be able to leave absentee bids and use our online bidding platform you need to have an account. When you register with us, we ask that you provide your name, email address, phone number, username and password. For further assistance, please see our tutorial for creating an online account.

If you would like to leave phone bids, it is not necessary to create an account (though it is highly recommended so you can track lots and utilize other features). If you would like to leave a phone bid, please fill out our phone bidding form

Who else can access my account?

Only you can access your account online, so it is important that you keep your username and password secure. Do not share your account information with anyone, as you will be responsible for all online activity on your account. Your online account is linked to the Bunch Auctions internal database so your account can be managed by our staff.


How can I make changes to or delete my account?


You may view, change, or access your account information at any time by logging in and editing your details in the Profile tab. If you would like to delete your account, please contact us at or call us at 610-558-1800 so we can further assist you.



How soon before the start of the auction must I register?


Bid registration will open up as soon as the auction is listed on our auction calendar. Customers can register and bid at any time, even while the auction is in progress. It is recommended that new customers register at least 24 hours before the auction to familiarize themselves with the bidding platform. 


Must I register for each auction?


Yes, but you do not need to create a new account each time.


How do approvals work?


When registering for a sale, you will be asked for a credit / debit card. The credit approval process is instant. You will receive an email notifying you of your approval status. Once approved, you are ready to bid! Please note that we cannot access your credit card information. If you are successful with your bidding, please follow the payment guidelines outlined in your email. 



How do I bid online?


Once you have logged in use the BID button on each lot to submit a bid. Select a bid amount and then click the green checkmark to submit the bid.  If you choose to place a bid above the next increment the website will bid on your behalf up to that amount, but it will not continue to bid once the bidding has passed your maximum bid.



Are my bids confidential?


Yes, all bids submitted are confidential. The identities of our bidders are not shared with other customers. Your current bid will be displayed while you are winning the lot, but not the maximum amount you are prepared to bid. If you’ve won a lot, your winning bid amount will be displayed, but not any identifying information. 

How do I know my bid has been accepted and I am winning the lot? How do I know if I’ve been outbid?


TIMED AUCTIONS: Once logged in and registered for the sale, click the Place Bid button. Select a bid amount then click the green check mark to submit your bid. If you are the top bidder, the screen with display green text saying WINNING, followed by the current bid amount, and your top bid in parenthesis. Other bidders cannot see your top bid. If you have been outbid, you green text will turn to blue text saying OUTBID. You will be notified by email as soon as you are outbid. 

How will I know the next bidding increment?

Bunch Auctions operates in fixed increments which are as outlined below, unless otherwise noted in the auction details (such as with online-only auctions). 


Can I cancel my bid?


You cannot cancel your bid online. Please call our offices if you’ve made a mistake and need to cancel your bid.

Can I increase my bid?


You can increase your bid at any time while the auction is in progress and the lot is still open for bidding.

Can I decrease my bid?


You cannot reduce your bid online. Please call our offices if you’ve made a mistake and need to reduce your bid.


How do I know that I have won the lot?

The winning bidder will be sent an invoice for all their purchased lots, usually within 24 hours of the auction ending. You can also view your WON/ LOST lots in your member dashboard. 


I bid the winning amount, but the lot was not sold to me?


In the event of a tie in bids submitted, the bids will be accepted in the order they were placed. If a customer has placed a maximum higher than your bid, they will be the winning bidder. In this instance you will be told you are losing the lot while the auction is in progress and have the opportunity to place a higher bid. Other customers’ maximum bids will never be disclosed to you.


Can I watch the auction without bidding?


Yes, anyone may follow the auction. Current and next bids are displayed to all site visitors. Remember, in order to bid you must register and have your account authorized. We recommend doing this at least 24 hours before the sale begins.

Can I attend the auction in person or telephone bid?


Yes, unless the sale is specified as an Online Only auction. Online Only auctions are virtual and there is no auction room set up for live / phone bidding. You will always be able to preview the items in person before the auction. Previews occur on the Monday before each auction from 9AM - 7 PM, unless otherwise noted in the Auction Details.


How do I bid over the phone? 


Phone bids can be left in-house or online. Bidders wishing to submit phone bids, please fill out our phone bidding form. All phone bids start with an opening bid of $75. 


A staff member will contact you via email to obtain credit card information. Please make sure the email address provided is correct. Bids will not be executed without credit card information. 


You will be called several minutes before your lot is up for auction. Please consider leaving an alternative phone number in case we cannot reach you on your primary line. 


Forms submitted after 5pm the night before the auction are not guaranteed to be entered and executed.

Is it possible that I may end up bidding against myself?


No, the system will only increase your current bid if there is another person bidding against you. However it is your sole responsibility to ensure that you do not bid against yourself if you have more than one account. 

I am the successful buyer, what happens now?


You will be sent an invoice by email within 24 hours of the auction.

Must I collect my purchases or will Bunch Auctions ship to me?


It is the customer's sole responsibility to collect their purchases at our office in Chadds Ford, PA, or to arrange appropriate shipping. We not do not handle shipping ourselves, but we can facilitate arrangements with one of  our recommended shippers. Please view our Shipper List for our recommendations. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us before bidding. 

The amount on my invoice is higher than the amount I bid, why?


The winning bid price is made up of the Hammer Price, Buyer’s Premium and sales tax. Our Buyer’s Premium rates are explained in the Conditions of Sale. Shipping and packing fees are the responsibility of the buyer. Storage fees may apply if your purchase is not collected by a specified time. If you are exporting your property, customs duties, import taxes, and other fees may apply at the country of destination.

What are the Conditions of Sale?


Conditions for bidding with Bunch Auctions can be found in the Conditions of Sale.



How does an Online-Only auction differ from your normal auctions?


Online-Only auctions are virtual timed auctions that are available exclusively on our website. There is no auction room set up for the sale, so there is no competing with floor bidders. 

Once registered for a timed auction, place your bid by entering your maximum bid – the highest hammer price you would be comfortable paying for the item. From there, BunchLive will place incremental bids on your behalf to ensure you remain the highest bidder up to your maximum bid. If two equivalent maximum bids are submitted, the first bid received will win the lot.

Monitor your bids in your member dashboard (login and then click your name in the upper right corner of your screen) or via email. If you are outbid, you will be notified via email or push-notification on your mobile device (if enabled) and have time to increase your bid before the auction closes. The closing of a timed auction is determined by a defined end time. Our Auction Calendar lists the end date / time along with a countdown clock for all timed auctions. 

What does 'Timed Auction' mean?


Online-Only auctions are timed auctions. Timed auctions run for a defined period of time. The auction will open up for registration & online bidding on a set date & time, and will close at a set date and time. Lots will begin to close at the listed 'End Time' and continue to close in 15 second increments (4 lots / minute). In the last minute, each bid will extend the auction for 30 seconds until bidding is complete.

What does 'Extended' mean?


In the event that there is active bidding at the closing time for the lot, the bidding time for the lot will be extended. The count-down timer resets how much time is left to bid on the lot. Each lot may be extended individually, it will not extend all the lots in the auction. If a lot is extended, the following lots may continue to close. 




What web browsers are supported?


The Bunch Auctions website & BunchLive online bidding platform runs on all modern web browsers. It has been tested on Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and Chrome. The Bunch Auctions app has been tested on both Apple & Android devices. Should you need to report a problem, please contact us giving full details of the problem, including the browser (and version of the browser) you use.

Can I bid in online auctions from my mobile device?


The Bunch Auctions website & BunchLive online bidding platform can be used from most smart phones & tablets provided there is an adequate network or wi-fi connection. For the best bidding experience, please down our app from Apple’s App Store or Android’s Google Play

What should I do if encounter problems?


The online bidding process should be smooth sailing, but if you do encounter problems you should try these troubleshooting tips. First check that you are connected to Wi-Fi or have a strong cellular connection. Check your download speed to ensure that you have a reliable connection. If you continue to experience problems, you may also try to reloading the page or restarting your browser. If the problem persists or you require any assistance bidding in our online auctions, please contact us.



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