Succulent Sanctuaries: 8 Ways to Build Your Own DIY Terrarium

DIY Terrariums from auction upcycles

Terrariums are an awesome way to introduce some charming ornamental plant-life into your home. Terraria are these little explosions of growth and greenery encapsulated in a sealable glass container. The great thing about these little biennial-bubbles is that they require little to no effort to flourish!

Science lesson! Terraria are a unique environment for plant growth, as the glass walls allow for both heat and light to enter the terrarium, allowing a mini water cycle to take place. The terrarium entraps heat causing moisture from the plants and soil to evaporate. The water vapor then condenses on the walls of the enclosure, eventually dripping back onto the plants and soil inside. The plants don't ever dry out because this environment creates a constant supply of water. Unlike my house-plants which are brown and on the verge of disintegrating into ash because I forget to water them. Additionally, light passing thru the terrarium's glass walls allow the plants to photosynthesize, so they can flourish into miniature kingdoms of greenery.

Tropical plants, ferns, mosses, and air plants thrive in these closed terrariums since the humidity within the jar resembles the conditions in the steamy tropics. So what do you have to do to make sure your little ecosystem stays happy and healthy? All you've got to do is open it once a week to let some of the excess moisture escape so your jungle jar doesn't get moldy. If there isn't enough condensation and you see your plants starting to get wilty and sad, open the enclosure and water everything a bit. Last but not least, make sure you talk to your plants every day so they grow big and strong.

Now let's get into the good stuff, how do you make one?! The most common terrariums are made from bell jars. We happen to have a nifty collection of them featured in this Tuesday's Classic Variety sale.

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Bell jars can be used to create terrariums

If you're the creative type, and you like to think outside the jar, here's 8 crafty ways your can upcycle some common household items into your very own terrarium.

1. Repurposed Lightbulb Terrarium

lightbulb terrarium diy


This miniature lightbulb terrarium is an excellent introduction to terrariums. Everyone's got a spare bulb laying around so just grab a little air plant, some moss, and a scoop of soil and you're ready to go. Your tiny plant world is easily accessible by simply unscrewing the bulb.

2. Greenery in a Bottle

Upcycled glass bottle terrarium


Building a little bottle garden is way easier then putting together one of those miniature ships with tweeter and toothpicks.

3. DIY French Press Terrarium

DIY Upcycled French Press Terrarium


Just because you gave up caffeine doesn't mean you've got to retire the french press. This creative-coffee terrarium would make an excellent handmade gift for any java-junkie!

4. Upcycled Gumball Machine Terrarium

DIY Upcycled gumball machine terrarium