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Picture Frame DIY: 7 Ways to Repurpose Old Picture Frames Bought at Auction

So much art comes in to auction. SO MUCH. While you may not love the painted picture, sometimes it is worth a bid to get your hands on the nifty frame. Beautiful vintage frames show up at auction and get sold for next to nothing. So what does this mean for you? There's hundreds of ways to repurpose old picture frames. They're the shabby-chic chameleon of auction finds, able to transform their way into almost any aspect of home decor. The following are some of our favorite upcycled frame projects.

1. Picture Frame Lantern

Repurposed Picture Frame Lantern

2. Picture Frame Serving Tray

Repurposed Picture Frame Serving Tray

3. Picture Frame Terrarium

Repurposed Picture Frame Terrarium

4. Picture Frame Floral Arrangements

Picture Frame Floral Arrangements

5. DIY Picture Frame Shelves

DIY Picture Frame shelves

6. DIY Picture Frame Herb Drying Rack

DIY Picture Frame Herb Dryer

via Indulgy

7. Picture Frame Wall Garden

DIY Picture Frame Wall Garden

8. Picture Frame Towel Rack

Picture Frame Towel Rack

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