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1931 Ford Model A Roadster gets added to December Catalog Auction

Bunch Auctions has just received a classic Ford Model A. The beautiful car will be sold on December 13th in our Winter Catalog auction. The engine has been rebuilt by Schwalm's, who specialize in Ford Model A engine rebuilds. There are only 534 miles on the vehicle.

Work completed in 2009:

1 Rebuild Model A Long Block

1 Balance Engine Components - Crank, Rods, Pistons

1 Counterbalanced Crankshaft

1 Lightened Flywheel / V8 Pressure Plate

1 New Clutch Disc

1 Install Cam Bearings

1 Machine for Oversize Tappets

1 Modern Rear Main Seal

1 Alternator

1 Radiator

1 Throwout Bearing and Spring

1 Flywheel Housing Core Charge

9 Helicoiling

Please feel free to inquire with any further questions or photo requests.

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