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5 Ways to Create Contemporary Taxidermy Art from Bones & Skulls

While using dead animals to create art may be a sensitive subject, it can be an excellent DIY project for the rouge artist. While taxidermy has long been associated with man caves and log cabins, there has been a recent upsurge in interest. Taxidermy is trending, and not just in dude ranches ad natural history museums! Trophy mounts, bones, and specimens are making their way into curio cabinets across the country, found everywhere from suburban homes to luxury condominiums. The dead decor movement is bringing new collectors to a craft that was conventionally reserved for hunters.

A variety of taxidermy often comes through Pennsylvania auction houses. Deer, antelope, african game, you name it - you can find it at an estate sale near you. We are featuring an array of animal skulls in our August 30th Hybrid Auction, including caribou, oryx, springbok, and other wild game.

Check out the examples below for some ideas on how to transform these mounts from decay to decor.

Oryx, Springbok & Small Game Skulls | Taxidermy mounts

Caribou Reindeer Trophy Skull Mount Taxidermy

Some of the skull & bone lots available at Bunch Auctions on August 30th

1. Hand Carved Skull Bone Art

Hand carved cow skull | Taxidermy art

Via Etsy user Hoardaculture

Create a sustainable art piece by hand carving an old animal skull. Use this bone carving dremel tutorial to learn how to carve yourself a unique piece of elegant art.

2. Decoupaged Skull with Hand Painted Horns

Decoupage paper Ram Skull | Painted skulls & bones | Taxidermy Art

Via Etsy user StarFoxSkulls

Using decoupage paper, paint and varnish, you can transform an everyday skull to an ornate conversation piece.

3. Rhinestone Skull Art

Rhinestone cow skull | Bohemian Decor | Taxidermy Art

Via Etsy user TheShabbyStore

Rhinestone skull | Bohemian Decor | Taxidermy Art

Via Etsy user TwistedClass

Who said disco was dead? Liven up your skulls and bones with the addition of a few rhinestones and some silver paint. Very Damien Hirst.

4. Transformational Scenic Landscape Skulls

Bone & Skull Art | Taxidermy Landscapes | Taxidermy Diorama

Bone & Skull Art | Taxidermy Landscapes | Taxidermy Diorama

Via Etsy user Headspacestudios

With death comes new life. Create a scenic landscape diorama blooming from a skull. Using moss, architectural model trees (found at your local craft store), and resin to create artifical water, you can replicate this eerily beautiful transformation piece.

5. Skull Terrarium Planters

Skull terrariums | Taxidermy terrarium planters | Skull art

Via Pinterest user

Skulls make perfect homes for air plants or succulents. You'll have the most unique terrarium on the block.

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