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How Does an Auction Come Together?

Main Showroom | Bunch Auctions

Building an auction is no easy task. Even our bi-weekly estate auctions have to be built item by item, from scratch. For us, an auction comes together based on the drop offs and pickups of various consignments throughout the year. Some items get put right into our regular weekly auctions and other items are reserved for various themed catalog auctions held throughout the year.

The single most important element in building an auction is the consignments. This means the people who call to schedule a drop off or a pickup appointment help us craft a sale. We are sometimes surprised about what shows up at our door, but that’s what makes this job so exciting. Without the general public, our auction will not exist.

We are always looking for and accepting quality consignments to help us craft robust and well-rounded sales. If you are downsizing your lifestyle, or even if you have just one item you are interested in sending to auction please head over to our online estimates page and send us some photos. Our staff will be happy to evaluate your item for you and schedule an appointment to have it brought in to our facility. Building our next auction begins with you!

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