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A Bunch of Community Outreach: Our Spring Brook Farm Fundraiser

The Barn at Springbrook Farm | Bunch Auctions

Through the months of June and July, we are holding a drive to support The Barn at Spring Brook Farm as they celebrate their 10th anniversary. The Barn provides an invaluable service to our community with their mission to enrich the lives of children with disabilities though animal assisted activities. With their hardworking staff and volunteers they host individual programs, educational field trips, summer camps and socialization and sensory events and animal interaction.

The Barn’s programs are unique to the region, but they can only continue to function with support from donors and the community. To help make their programs a success, we are holding a drive to collect supplies for their camps, activities and programs. We will have bins placed at the front desk, feel free to drop off items during business hours or during an auction. If you bring in three or more items, we will enter your name into a drawing to win $50 in Bunch Bucks. Curious about Bunch Bucks? Check out this blog for more information.

We are collecting the following:

  • Ziploc bags (gallon and sandwich)

  • Big bubble wrap

  • Disposable ice packs

  • Band-Aids

  • Large white coffee filters

  • Small plastic drinking cups

  • Large wagons

  • Cases of water

  • Tie-Dye kits

  • Cotton balls

  • Bubbles

  • Craft popsicle sticks

  • Animal crackers

  • Cheerios

  • New & gently used bath towels

  • New child sized white t-shirts

  • Paper towels

  • Anti-bacterial cleaning wipes

To learn more about Spring Brook Farm and their mission visit their website at .

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