Piano DIY: 13 Ways to Upcycle an Old Piano

Everyone loves a piano. They're beautiful works of art; true conversation pieces.

We love them so much, that we've got three of them right now at Bunch Auctions coming up in our June regular auction and Catalog. If you decide to place a bid on this gorgeous Steinway or one of our others, remember not to leave your old piano in the dust.

Steinway Piano at Bunch Auctions | June 28 Catalog

No one ever wants to throw out their old piano, even when it has become non-functional. Instead of kicking it to the curb, teach that old piano some new tunes. Let these 13 innovative designs spark an idea of how to convert your retired music-maker into a one of a kind decor showpiece.

1. Piano Desk

DIY Repurposed Piano Computer Desk | Upcycling

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DIY Repurposed Piano Desk | Upcycling

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DIY Repurposed Upright Piano Desk | Upcycling

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2. Piano Bar

DIY Repurposed Piano Bar | Upcycling

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