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Nautical Upcycling: 4 Ship Wheel Decor Ideas

Upcycling / DIY Ship Wheel Decor Ideas

Ahoy matey, or at least that's what we'd say if we owned a ships wheel. From time to time items come in our door that beg for a DIY project. So batten down the hatches because we've got a Catalog Auction brewing on May 17th featuring this beautiful ship wheel. What can you do with a ship helm you might ask? Here are our four top upcycling ideas. AVAST YE!!

1. Ship Wheel Chandelier with Spiral Mason Jar Lighting via RusticChandeliers on Etsy

Upcycled Ship Wheel Chandelier with Spiral Mason Jar Lighting

Nothing says rustic charm quiet like this chandelier complete with mason jars.

2. Nautical Succulent Garden via Pinterest

Upcycled Ship Wheel Herb / Succulent Garden

With spring time beginning, why not plant the succulent or herb garden?

3. Ship Helm Coffee Table via Pinterest

Upcycled Ship Wheel Coffee Table

Looking to spend some time in doors? Make a gorgeous coffee table statement piece.

4. Sailorly Wine Rack via Goods Home Design

Upcycled Ship Wheel Wine Rack DIY

Winding down after a long day at sea calls for a bottle of wine from your very own nautical wine rack.

While some of these DIY's are made with wagon wheels, there is no reason not to substitute with something a bit more seafaring!

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