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Teresa DiNu

Office Manager


Chinese cloisonne basin with village scene


Fine Arts

We hold four types of sales: Classic Variety, Premier, Fine & Decorative Arts Quarterly Catalogs, and Specialty Sales. All of our sales are public auctions, meaning all persons who chose to participate are permitted to attended and offer bids. We provide absolute auctions where the property is sold to the highest bidder, regardless of the price.





Classic variety sales occur one Tuesday per month, and feature an eclectic mix of fresh to the market material. Classic variety sales feature simultaneous front and back room sales, each beginning at 10 AM. The front showroom will feature a more refined selection of merchandise while the warehouse offers an exciting discovery of box lots and general goods. 

In the front room, we begin each auction with a series of shelf lots which are showcased around the perimeter of the gallery. At 10:15am, a second auctioneer begins the jewelry portion which contains everything from costume jewelry all the way to gold and diamonds. The front room sales continue on throughout the day with smalls, art, rugs, and furniture. 

The back room warehouse sale also begins at 10 AM, with the auction making its way through a series of numbered tables and shelves. The warehouse portion is a lively discovery sale; you never quite know what you'll find. The back room features everything from tools and outdoor furniture to kitchenware, and home goods. You'll see racks of vintage furs & clothing, tables of electronics, and boxes upon boxes of toys and treasures waiting to be discovered.  

For our classic variety auctions, all photos and listings are available online the Friday before the sale. From our Auctions Calendar webpage, each auction listing will have a button that says See Lots. Clicking this link will take you to a complete visual catalog.

Classic Variety sales are live auctions, and while you may leave an absentee bid / arrange phone bidding through our website, there is no online bidding available.


Premier sales also occur once per month on Tuesdays at 10am. Premier sales are very similar to our classic multi-estate public auctions, offering a wide variety of fresh to the market goods. These sales do not contain a back room portion, and offer a more cultured showroom selection of midrange to higher end goods.


Premier lots are professionally photographed, cataloged, and posted online for live bidding through Live Auctioneers & Invaluable. 


Fine & Dec Arts Quarterly Catalogs are our top-tier auctions. Occurring once every three months (Tuesdays at 11am), these are our most paramount catalogs. 


Bidding for quarterly sales is available both in house, through our website, and via the online bidding platforms LiveAuctioneers and Invaluable. Items consigned to these catalogs receive advertising via email blasts, national print publications, as well as social media campaigns; maximizing viewership worldwide.

Quarterly Catalogs have consignment deadlines that will be posted upon sale date announcement. Items must be consigned by the deadline to ensure that a complete catalog is photographed and published with significant time allowances for print and online advertising. 


Specialty Catalog consist a number of quality lots of a specific collecting area in one auction. These auctions occur when a significant collection is acquired that warrants a stand-alone sale. Previous specialty auctions have included Primitive & Americana, Coins & Stamps,  Modern & Contemporary Art, etc.

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